Find out how you as a manager can successfully achieve goals, get committed employees, be respected and still have time for the important things. 

How to master your first leadership role!

The online leadership training with practice-oriented video courses, online workshops, personal 1:1 coaching by Bernd Geropp: Leadership in a nutshell!  

I´ll show you how you...

Just promoted to manager? Now what?

You have been promoted to group leader. Congratulations! Perhaps you have also become department head or you're a managing director of a small company. In any case, you are now responsible for employees.

You are no longer a member of the team but an executive.

That sounds good and maybe makes you even a little proud. Though, at the same time you are wondering whether you can meet the expectations. You are wondering what else is in store for you.

You probably feel like many new managers:

Why the Online Leadership Platform at all?

New managers, especially in small and medium-sized companies, do not receive proper management training. They are usually thrown in at the deep end.

They don´t get any support to master their new role as a leader. They have to learn everything themselves and struggle through. This also applies to entrepreneurs who hire their first ever employees and have never dealt with leadership issues before. 

This is where the Online Leadership Platform comes into play.

Step-by-step procedure

Via a practice-oriented video course with questions, tasks and checklists you will learn in detail what is important when managing employees.

I will show you step by step how to get motivated employees and what you have to do to be accepted as a manager by your employees.

I will show you how to delegate properly and how to successfully give feedback to your employees.

We will also talk about how you manage to set priorities straight in day-to-day business and deal confidently with mistakes, conflicts and emotions.

You will learn the basics of leadership when and where you want - whether on a computer, tablet or on the go on your smartphone.

Exchange in a community of like-minded people

A video course, however well-made, will not help you to implement knowledge. That is why a community and exchange are so important.

For this purpose I arrange a monthly question time for all participants via webinars. There are also face-to-face meetings in different cities on a regular basis. Specific questions and leadership situations can be discussed there in a friendly atmosphere. 

Participants can also email me for advice at any time. For special questions and management problems I am available to the participants for 1:1-coachings via phone or Skype.

Video lessons

For each video lesson there are associated worksheets, exercises and tasks the participants have to work through themselves.

The entire content is available for reading as a downloadable PDF file. You can also download the video courses as an mp3 audio file. This way you can listen to the lessons again in peace e.g. on a long drive. 

Specific questions and expert interviews

In 5 - 10-minute videos I address specific management situations and questions from the participants.

There are also exciting interviews with leadership experts with whom I talk about interesting aspects of leading employees or self-management. 

I conduct these interviews either on site or over webinars so that the participants can also ask questions to the expert.

Who is the Online Leadership Platform for?

The membership is the right thing for you if...

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Videos on leadership basics

7 modules including 35 videos in HD quality

choose your image

Tasks and checklists

Worksheets, exercises and tasks for all 

videos for printing and reading

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Audio files

Extracted audio from all videos can be 

downloaded as mp3 files

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Transcribed texts of all videos can be 

downloaded and printed as PDF files for 


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Set your own schedule

You can study when and where you want - 

whether on a computer, tablet or on the go 

on your smartphone

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Expert interviews

Exclusive interviews with leadership 

experts on specific aspects of leadership 

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Monthly question time

Once a month a webinar on specific  

leadership issues takes place. 

You can ask questions and also 

get to know the other participants

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Online workshop replays

Various recorded online workshops to 

deepen leadership issues including audio 

downloads are available

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Ressources and tools

Links, useful hardware, software,  

books and online courses on  

all things leadership 

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Individual coaching

You can email me your questions at any 

time. Usually, I reply within 24 hours. 

In addition to that I offer my participants 

one-on-one online coachings via Skype, 

Zoom or phone. The additional costs are 

175 EUR plus VAT per 30 minutes. 

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Face-to-face meetings

6 times a year I invite all participants to a 

face-to-face meeting to get to know each 

other personally and to exchange thoughts 

about leadership issues

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Email-leadership impulses

You get regular impulses and further  

information on all things leadership 

via email

"I have known Bernd for quite a while -  and have come to appreciate him as a leadership trainer and executive coach. His content, training and tips are consistently highly practical and take many managers to a significantly more professional leadership level."

Dr. Andreas Zeuch

"I particularly like the webinars, quality of the videos and the catchy practical examples."

Florian Frankl

"Especially the coaching via Skype, during which I was able to talk about my specific cases, helped me a lot. Thanks to discussions and advice I was able to classify things more objectively and made better decisions based on that. 

The video modules are also very good. The videos cover an overview of important leadership issues and precisely address the problems that entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized companies have to face every day."

Hendrik Habermann

A brief insight

You can expect all of this from the Online Leadership Platform 

...and here you can see the content of all 7 modules on the leadership basics:

That´s what excited participants say:

"...really helpful for managers and executives. You get concrete and pragmatic proposals for action that are effective even in difficult situations."

- Ines Filz

" hasn´t occured to me to date that leadership can be learned like a craft. It is even better that is conveyed in this practice-oriented form."

- Holger Kruse

"...I really liked the learning material which I used to specifically look at certain situations and people in everyday life which I also had to deal with."

- Astrid Gessert

Who exactly is Bernd Geropp?

I have been working as a leadership trainer and executive coach since 2009.

I am an electrical engineer by nature. After completing my doctorate I founded a high-tech company in Aachen with a partner in 1995. The company grew and we had built a worldwide distribution network employing 20 people at our company. 

In 2001 we sold the company to a global engineering company. I worked there in middle management for 9 years.

To me, leadership is not a matter of scientific theories. To, it is a question of attitude, attitude, experience, values and personality.

As a founder, entrepreneur and long-time managing director of a worldwide operating, group-owned company with global responsibility for 350 employees, I had the opportunity to make some leadership mistakes myself - and to learn from them.

Nowadays I share this experience via the Online Leadership Platform. 

Bernd Geropp

FAQs about the Online Leadership Platform

How do I work with the Online Leadership Platform?

I recommend proceeding step by step. After purchasing, you will receive an email containing your login data which gives you access to everything.

I recommend working through the basics of leadership step by step. For this reason, in the first 10 weeks you will also receive an email at the beginning of each week in which I will introduce the next lesson and ask you to complete in the course of the week.

If desired, you can then discuss the tasks and exercises associated with each video in a forum and, if necessary, ask the participants and me for advice. Just email me and I will answer your questions as soon as possible - usually within 24 hours.

Once a month there is a question time with me via webinars. During that you can ask me questions in advance or during the webinar. 

In order to discuss personal leadership issues I offer one-on-one online coaching sessions by telephone or Zoom/Skype. For this reason, each week I block several hours in my calendar only for these coaching sessions with the participants.

How much time do I have to complete the course?

You can work through the course at your own pace. However, since I know how difficult it is sometimes to find some time for advanced training during day-to-day business, I will email you regularly containing a small request or encouragement :-)

You can successfully work through all 7 modules within 12 weeks spending about 1 hour/week. 

Participation in the Online Leadership Platform is an annual subscription. So you have one year to work through everything and complete the course. The annual subscription will be automatically extended by one year if you don't cancel beforehand. 

Are there certain times when I have to do something?

There is no obligation. You don´t have to finish assignments at specific times.

However, there are certain times when you can directly contact me e.g. during monthly question times via webinars. 

These dates are already set a few months in advance and I will email you shortly beforehand. 

What are the requirements?

You should know how to use a computer, i.e. be able to access websites, play videos and print documents.

Leadership knowledge is not required. However, it is important to me that you have the will to deal with it and to work on yourself. 

How much does the subscription for the Online Leadership Platform cost?

Annual membership for the Online Leadership Platform costs EUR 980,- (net). 

It is an annual subscription that will be automatically extended by one year if you don't cancel beforehand. But don't worry: you can cancel at any time in advance. I will also email you 1-2 weeks before your subscription expires to inform you about the extension. If you do not want to renew your subscription, just send me a short reply and your subscription will not be renewed. Promise! 

Since participating in the Online Leadership Platform is a subscription, what happens after 12 months?

The membership will automatically be renewed after 12 months but can be canceled at any time regarding the next renewal date. 

Participants will also automatically informed about a week before the subscription renewal regarding by e-mail stating that their subscription will be renewed shortly and a debit will take place if it isn´t canceled beforehand. 

Cancellation is easy: just send me a short email. I will then take care of it and there will be no further debits. 

Can I contact you directly if I have questions?

Participants in the Online Leadership Platform can contact me at any time vial e-mail and ask questions. I usually reply within 24 hours. 

Once a month participants have the opportunity to ask questions during a question time via webinars. 

I attend 6 face-to-face meetings a year during which I am also available for questions and discussions. 

If required I can also do one-to-one online coaching sessions via phone or Skype/Zoom. I exclusively offer this service to members of the Online Leadership Platform. It costs EUR 250,- plus VAT per 30 minutes.   

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A detailed description of the Online Leadership Platform downloadable as a PDF file

1.166 EUR

net: 980 EUR plus VAT in Germany

The annual membership will automatically be renewed after 12 months but can be canceled at any time regarding the next renewal date.