5-tips how to create a vision statement

LME006 – How to create a vision statement for your company.

5 crucial points to create a vision statement - and what do you need to do for the vision to work?
Bernd Geropp Great Business Visions

LME005 – What is a vision statement and do you really need one?

Do you really need a vision statement? A business vision paints a vivid picture of the future. It describes where you’re heading. I'll show you good and bad examples of vision statements.
reverse delegation - monkey business

LME004 – Upward Delegation: How to avoid this kind of monkey business

When a task that you have delegated to an employee comes back to you - and you complete it. This is called upward delegation or reverse delegation or monkey business.
Micromanagement: Bernd Geropp shows how to avoid itbernd geropp

LME003 – Micromanagement? How to avoid it and get things done.

How to avoid micromanagement? How do you become aware of when you are micromanaging? 5 proven tips how to stop yourself from micromanaging.
How to delegateBernd Geropp

LME002 – How to delegate successfully and get time for the important things.

How to delegate successfully by using the 5 levels of delegation. Support your employees and get more time for the important things.
What is leadership?BerndGeropp

LME001 – What is leadership and how can you find time for it?

What is leadership and how is it different to management? You get tips on how to find more time for leadership despite your daily busy work.
Bernd Geropp

LME000 – What you can expect from this podcast

This is the intro to my podcast "Leadership Made Easy", where you learn how to get the most out of your team, so that your employees start meeting deadlines, doing things right and exceeding your expectations.
wp-engine show caseWP Engine

Helping a natural leader to reach the masses!

I am feeling very honored to be featured by WP Engine for one of their case studies.
Funny Leadership

Best funny leadership videos! Enjoy and have a good laugh!

Check out these funny leadership videos. Laughter helps you to cope with stress, conflicts and pain. That’s why a leader should have a good sense of humour.
How to stay focused

How to stay focused on your goals and say “NO” if needed.

If you want to be successful you must know how to stay focused on your goals. I'll give you 4 tips how to focus and say "no" when needed.
Consistent LeadershipLichtleister

Consistent leadership is key to success: How to act and stay consistent as a boss.

Consistent leadership is one of the most important strength of successful managers. 7 Tips on how to become more consistent as a leader.
Efficient Employees and efficiency in the workplace

Employee efficiency! How to create efficiency in the workplace.

A lot of managers are unhappy with their employee efficiency. The performance of their employees is bad. Learn 3 tips how to improve the efficiency in the workplace.
motivate yourselfLuMaxArt

How to motivate yourself to reach your goals

How to motivate yourself even if you think you'll cannot make it. 3 helpful tips how you stay motivated and reach your goals.
Effective MeetingsTEA

Effective Meetings – How to prepare and hold them without wasting valuable time.

Essential tips on how to prepare and hold an effective meeting on the point without wasting the valuable time of your participants.
True LeadersAyeshstockphoto

Are you a true Leader? Do you encourage your people?

Are you just a manager or are you a true leader? As a leader you must focus on people not on transaction, success and not on failure and on the future not on the past. Check if you are a true leader with 5 questions.
business presentationBernd Geropp

How to give a great business presentation

What makes a good business presentation? Should you use Powerpoint? What do you need to prepare and what to avoid when holding your presentation.
business strategymiskolin

Business strategy: What you need to know as a leader.

What is the difference between business strategy, tactics and action plans? I'll give you 7 pointers for creating your successful company strategy.