LME034 – Tips for first-time managers – Interview with Mike Ashie

Today I talk with Mike Ashie from the YouTube channel: "Leadership with Mike" about tips for first-time managers.

LME033 – How I Learned to delegate

When I founded my first company, a high-tech start-up, together with a partner more than 25 years ago, I had a completely wrong idea of ​​managing people. In this post, I'll talk about how I learned to delegate and give you tips on how you can learn it, too.

LME032 – Why I quit my job as a highly paid manager!

A manager always works in a sandwich position. I explain my struggles with it and why I decided to leave the corporate world.

LME031 – One-on-one meetings: Why to to do them and what questions to ask

One-one-one meetings create trust: Why do you need them? What do you actually talk about and how often should you do one-on-ones?

LME030 – New as a manager – 5 important tips

When you are new in your manager role, you surely don’t want to make any unnecessary mistakes, do you? To meet the challenges of your new role, here are my five best practical tips to become a good leader.

My first short film: “Klaus Buhmann in job interviews”

It was the first time for me to work on such a film project with…
goal setting with employeesBernd Geropp

LME029 – How to set goals with your employees

Goal setting with employees is not easy. How can you be successful with it? Here are my 5 most important tips you should know!
What we would have loved to know about Leadership

LME028 – What do you wish you knew, before becoming a successful leader?

Becoming a leader is mostly totally different to what you might expected. Therefore, I invited 5 leaders with different backgrounds for my podcast show. I wanted to know from them, what they wish they knew, before becoming successful leaders.
Bernd Geropp

LME027 – One-on-one meetings! What matters most!

How do you introduce 1 on 1 to your direct reports? How does such a meeting work? How do you get started and what exactly should you say in such meetings?
How to deal with a demanding bossBernd Geropp

How to deal with a demanding boss

Do you have a demanding boss, who asks you to meet unrealistic or even impossible to reach goals? How can you deal with this as a manager yourself being in the sandwich position?

How to stay focused at work when everyone wants your attention!

Today it is difficult to stay focused at work especially as a manager. Everyone wants your attention: clients, colleagues, your employees, your boss! How can you stay focused and work on the most important things without distraction?  
Marc C. Winters, Co-author of Rocket Fuel

LME026 – Entrepreneur’s Rocket Fuel – Interview with Mark C. Winters

Why it needs not just one but two entrepreneurs to build a successful business and why it is essential that these two have dramatically different roles. About this I talk with Marc C. Winters who is the co-author of the book rocket fuel.

LME025 – Leading in times of crisis

How you can stay calm and positive with in the storm and how can you engage the hearts and minds of your people in times of crisis.
email overload3dfoto

LME024 – How to deal with email overload – Productivity hacks for managers and leaders

Essential tips and tricks for managers to avoid email overload. How to write emails on the point, when to delete them and how to receive fewer emails.
How to become a better managerBernd Geropp

LME023 – How to become a better manager at work.

As a manager today, it isn’t enough to just simply focus on results and the financial bottom line. Today you need also to have good human skills to be successful. Therefore, I'll give you my 3 best tips for how to become a better manager.
Purpose of a companyDean Photography

LME022 – What is the purpose of a company?

The purpose of a company is not to make a profit or to create jobs but to satisfy the needs of customers. It's always about customer value.

LME021 – How to motivate employees in the workplace

Your employees don’t contribute, they lack motivation, but they are always looking for better pay? I’ll show you how to fix this.
No1 feedback rule

LME020 – No1 feedback rule

I give you my No 1 feedback tip for contructive and effective critic: Always formulate and view feedback as a personal gift!
how to stay calm at workBernd Geropp

LME019 – How to stay calm at work when under stress and pressure

I will give you 5 tips on how to stay calm at work even during crisis and pressure and even when everything seems to fall apart.

LME018 – Onboarding new employees

When onboarding new employees avoid these 3 major mistakes. I show you how to pay enough attention to train your new hires properly.
Become a better listener

LME017 – How to become a better listener and improve as a leader

Here are 6 simple tips you can immediately implement to become a better listener and 3 crucial tips on how to ask questions the right way.
Meeting deadlineseminozkant

LME016 – Meeting deadlines? Here’s how to do it!

Missed deadlines, unkept promises or delayed projects can be a desaster. Here are 10 essential tips for successfully meeting deadlines.
Leadership Mistakes

LME014/015 Leadership Mistakes! The Top Ten and how to avoid them!

Learn how to recognize and avoid the top 10 of the most common mistakes made by leaders and managers in small companies as well as in the corporate world.
Jill Schiefelbein

LME013 – Powerful feedback – Interview with Jill Schiefelbein

With Jill Schiefelbein I talk about the biggest mistakes which happen when people give feedback in the workplace. How can managers criticese without being rude or offending the employee but still make a clear statement? How can an employee criticise his or her boss without hurting the relationship?
How to give feedback

LME012 – How to give feedback.

As a manager, you need to know how to give feedback. It‘s your job to help your employees to develop and to improve. They need constructive feedback for this – both positive and negative.
Jessica Pettitt

LME011 – Self awareness and how to build better teams – Interview with Jessica Pettitt

Self awareness is most important for a good leader. Having the ability to recognize what you are good at and where you’re not so good at is crucial. Today I interview Jessica Pettitt about this topic.
Feedback about employee performance

LME010 – Feedback about employee performance

How can you make a clear statement without hurting people’s feelings? Take care that you appreciate good work, but tell clearly what needs to be improved.

LME009 – The Image of Leadership – Interview with Sylvie di Giusto

Today we talk about the image of leadership with Sylvie di Giusto. How can you develop your professional imprint and become the leader that you deserve to be?
Performance based bonus

LME008 – Performance Based Bonus – What you ought to know about it.

Performance based bonus mostly don't work. You don't need a complicated compensation scheme for this. All you need is common sense and empathy.
Employee Motivation?deDMazay & phodopus

LME007 – Employee motivation: How does it work and how can you improve it?

Employee motivation: Don't spend time thinking about how to motivate. But instead, spend time making sure that you do not demotivate your employees.