LME034 – Tips for first-time managers – Interview with Mike Ashie

Today I have a guest on my podcast: Mike Ashie from Canada. We talk about tips for first-time managers.

Mike Ashie

Mike Ashie has a great channel on YouTube, called Leadership with Mike. Coming from the transportation and hospitality industry he has years of experience being a manager.

If you haven’t watched his videos, check them out on YouTube. He has lots of great tips and as he is saying:

“I help managers to become leaders and I am doing that with no nonsense sense – if that makes sense.”

Becoming a manager can be overwhelming, especially if it comes to delegating tasks and responsibility. Therefore, check out his delegation course here.

Tips for first-time-managers

In the interview with Mike on his tips for first-time managers I asked him the following questions:

  • What is the difference between a manager and a leader?
  • What is most important for leaders in their first manager role?
  • How can they lead with authority, but without beeing a jerk?
  • What should a new leader do in the first 30 days in his or her new job?
  • What are typical misconceptions first-time managers have about their new position?
  • What are the 3 typical mistakes first-time leaders should avoid when starting their new position?

Listen to the podcast here:

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