leadership-check-toolThe leadership check tool is straightforward.
It’s an Excel based tool to record your time.
(Find the download on the bottom of this page)

It records and visualizes
how much of your daily time
you spent on leadership and
how much on managing.

You get a clear overview
per day, per month and per year
of what percentage share of your work effort
you spent on leadership.

Download it now.
It is absolutely free of charge!

How much time do you spend on leadership?

What percentage of your time do you want to spend on the important leadership tasks? Set monthly and annual objectives for yourself. Use the leadership control tool to monitor if you are on track.

Leadership Check tool

It is free and easy to use. You only need a few seconds at the end of the day to make routine entries. You need only enter two numbers:

Leadership Check tool

This will provide you with an overview and will let you know whether you are spending time on the important issues, or only on the urgent day-to-day affairs.

How does it work?

Along the bottom of the leadership control tool you will see several tabs for the months “January” through “December”, as well as an annual overview. Click on the current month, to access the monthly overview, and to enter your hours worked for “Leading” and “Managing”. The tool automatically uses this information to calculate the daily total hours The green bar shows what percentage you spent leading that day.

The bottom section of the spreadsheet shows the summary for the entire month. You will also find the monthly average percentage value for leadership in the same location.

Click on the “Year” tab to see the annual overview. Here, you will not only have an overview of the percentage share you spent leading, but also an evaluation of your monthly hours worked:

Leadership Check toolThe tool only permits daily work hours to be entered into the entry fields with a white background in the monthly overviews. All other figures and graphics are calculated automatically. To avoid calculation errors, no other entries or changes are possible.

Using the Excel printing options, you can print the monthly and annual overviews individually.

What percentage of your work schedule should you spend leading?

There is no generally valid response to this. An R&D department head who is also required to complete operational tasks, should set himself an annual average objective of 30% – 40 %.

In contrast, a Managing Director or Executive Board member should perform no functional tasks. They must spend significantly more time leading than managing. Consequently, as an annual average they should spend more than 60% of their work schedule on leadership duties.

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The-Leadership-Check-Tool 1.0.xls

Version: Excel 97-2003

Language: English

producer: Bernd Geropp


and here an example of a completed Leadership-Check-Tool:
EXAMPLE Leadership-Check-Tool.xls
(596 kByte)